Personality Development Course

Personality Development Course is an Online aimed at those people who are accustomed with English grammar well enough and have built up a good vocabulary but still hesitate to represent themselves before the mass.   

Thus, this course concentrates not only on what is said but also where and how it is said. Public Speaking and Personality Development are the key emphasis of this package to enhance the overall verbal quality of the candidates.

What will you learn?

  • Development of Presentation Skill.
  • Guidelines to Systematic Steps for Preparing Speech.
  • Overcoming Inhibition in Speech.
  • Expressing ideas on Current Affairs clearly and precisely.
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What will you get?

  • 15 Live Online classes
  • BEST (British English Spoken Test) based on International CEFR methodology Certification*
  • Completion Certificate from The British Institutes*
  • You will be able to understand the use of words in sentence formation and conversation and to input grammar to make these sentences and conversation correct
  • The student will be able to speak with a wide range of phrases with competent fluency and accuracy.
  • Classes on communication and conversation skills while using correct pronunciation and phonetics

How will you get it?

You will get 3 days a week classes over a period of 5 weeks., with each weekly module comprising live classes on Communication skills, Conversation skills, Pronunciation, phonetics, how to write letters and CVs with knowledge on how to appear for personal interviews and Group Discussions.

What will be your benefits after completing course?

  • Effective Communication: Master the art of speaking fluently and articulately in English, ensuring clarity and impact in your interactions.

  • Confidence Building: Overcome stage fright and develop the confidence to express yourself confidently in public speaking engagements and interviews.

  • Body Language and Presentation Skills: Learn to use non-verbal communication effectively to convey your message and project a professional image.

  • Interview Preparation: Gain insights into interview techniques, including resume building, answering common interview questions, and handling stress during interviews.

  • Personal Grooming: Understand the importance of personal appearance and grooming in creating a positive first impression.

Personal Attention by trainer No Personal Attention/ Group Classes
Easy to ask unlimited number of doubts Not comfortable for shy students
Comfort from home (Stay Home & Save Lives) traveling daily to institute
Convenient to take class anytime Fixed hours and bound to it
Class focused on your needs You will lose your focus with unnecessary doubts by others

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Amrin Hussain
During this lockdown we are doing the online classes through the zoom app and wo don't have any problems or difficulties regarding any lesson. The video conferencing classes are very much clear and completley audible and visible. I'm very much satisfied to class.
Malabika Patra
I am indebted to British institute for their heartfelt investment in helping students like us in mastering English and aiding them achieve great heights in their respective careers.
Tripti Pan
The method of teaching was very good and I am totally satisfied. Communication between teacher and students during this online classes was very appreciable.Thank you The British Institutes for your co-operation with us at the lock down period.